Free Wills - Will You?

It is said that at least half of Kiwis don't have a will and the statistics get worse for the under 40 age bracket where the figure jumps to 70%.

Although this is a reasonably simple and very valuable document, far too many people put it off or disregard it all together. We have noticed that the reasons are more psychological than monetary. People have no expectation of dying any time soon or perhaps they feel uncomfortable thinking or talking about their own death or perhaps they think that they will make a will at a later stage in life. Those who want to tell others around them to make a will keep mum because they don’t want to come across as a pessimist.

Time doesn’t stop, peoples’ circumstances change and they eventually accumulate additional wealth, take on more responsibilities, get into or out of a relationship, have children, but don’t get around to making a will.

Those who have a will do not realise that by subsequently marrying or entering into a civil union, their will gets revoked. For those whose relationships end after they make a will face legal consequences as far as provisions for a former partner in a will are concerned.

Naturally people die but some die without a will while others with a will that is no longer appropriate to their situation. The muddle left behind may not be a problem for the deceased but it could become a real problem for the surviving family. An estate of over $15,000.00 without a will (or with an unfitting will) is almost always costly and stressful to administer.

You could save your loved ones from the stress and expense by making a will (and reviewing its appropriateness regularly). Updating wills are especially necessary when significant events occur such as changes in relationships, the arrival of children, the death of people who are named as executors or beneficiaries in your will, or significant changes in your assets.

From June this year, we are offering FREE WILLS for a limited time only which will include home visits.*

We hope you take advantage of this deal.

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*A small office expense of $15.00 will apply.

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